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Backbone.js (1.1.2). » GitHub Repository; » Annotated Source. Introduction Upgrading Events. – on; – off; – trigger; – once; – listenTo; – stopListening ...


Regular expression visualizer using railroad diagrams.

Selectivizr - CSS3 pseudo-class and attribute selectors for IE 6-8

selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8.

Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development

Build websites,mobile apps and rich HTML5 data visualizations by using Javascript and HTML5. Kendo UI Complete, comprehensive HTML5 & jQuery ...

JavaScript: how to unescape HTML entities | paul schreiber

How do I get the name of an object's type in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

InstaCSS | Instant CSS Documentation Search

John Resig - JavaScript Pretty Date

John Resig - JavaScript Pretty Date

Convert XML to JSON with JavaScript

xmlToJSON is a JavaScript function which converts XML to JSON. Convert XML to JSON with JavaScript to work with the JSON format instead ...

jx - JavaScript Ajax Library

jx is a small library for providing AJAX support in JavaScript.

Le point sur Javascript et l’héritage prototypal « naholyr.fr

Closure Compiler Service

Le blog de Geoffray Warnants - Geoffray.be

Pixastic: JavaScript Image Processing


Getting fancy with the Javascript Console | The CSS Ninja

FBJS (Facebook JavaScript) - Développeurs Facebook

Online javascript beautifier

JavaScript Lazy Loading - Jason Leveille's Blog - Web Development Intoxication

I just finished a great Digital Web Magazine article about improving page load times with lazy loading techniques. The article (by Jakob Heuser) ...